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Limbaughzbub the real story behind the arch freak of national radio

The real story of Rush Limbaugh
The biggest asshole on national radio, world class liar, and a miserable creep

The golden shovel (this is really a spade, not a shovel)

First off, Limbaugh is The Great Dung Beetle, not a human being. You have to understand this to proceed. El Rushbo is NOT AN EARTHLING, no, he is from the planet Crap of the galaxy, Shit. The Golden Spade (above) was a gift from Tibetan Monks who graciously donated it to fight evil on the planet Earth. The spade is 25K (yes 25K pure gold, this gold is unknown in the western world and this sacred object was blessed to the power of one million by Holy Men and Women in the remote, mountainous regions of Tibet. The spade AKA shovel will be use to dig though the foul slime and smelly excrement of the GOP's favorite creepy radio propagandist, Rush Limbaugh (more correctly called: Limbaughzbub)   

Let's debunk one myth right here. It has been said that Rush Limbaugh (Limbaughzbub is a fastidious man.  This is not correct, it is not in his YNA (what goes for DNA on the planet Crap) Some publicist invented the fastidious BS to deflect exposure of the true nature of El Rushbo. Limbaugh is, in the common usage, a pig. He likes filth and scum. The fancy house and furnishings are only a carefully crafted facade, the REAL Limbaugh is a walking disease vector of alien bacteria, viruses, and sheds turd particles like a vulture taking a dust bath. Rush also takes most of his meals sitting on the above revolting "throne" There was once a seat but they seemed to crack, break, and disintegrate. It evidently was suspicious to townsfolk that Limbaugh's flunky was buying thirty toilet seats each and every month. Eyebrows were raised....

If you have a delicate stomach stop right here!!! Caution!!
Below is a rather disgusting image of alien Limbaughzbub's true main food source. This food is imported to planet Earth by the wicked and diabolically evil ILLUMINATI (yes, Peanut, they truly exist) 

This food, in the English language, is referred to by Rush underlings (mind-controlled Dittoheads) somewhat charmingly as: "The lawn Limbaugh"  I won't go into great detail on the composition of this object but the nearest Earthly equivalent would be the decomposing "output" of a very sickly animal.  (poor thing!)

The "Lawn Limbaugh" (best not to enlarge image by clicking on it)

Planet Crap

Unfortunately little is known about Rush Limbaugh's home planet, the planet Crap.  Possible this is a good thing even though knowledge is power. Unlike Earth, the planet crap offers zero true amenities and has only one known art form: FARTING. Yes, farting. While occasionally enjoyed on our world and sometimes excruciatingly funny, on planet Crap it is everything!!  The more foul and loathsome, the better. Even on his home planet, Limbaugh was considered a great artist is this capacity and other Dung Beetles were loath to let him be transported here (via intergalactic wormhole (called The Great Sewer Transporter)  Poor us!! May the Saints preserve and protect us from evil and offensive Limbaugh toots, gas, and hideous vaporous emissions (some wet like a fetid mist)

Sadly, the above kitty cat is lingering near death and slipping away. The poor thing was downwind when Limbaughzbub cut loose an anal blast forty mile away. It can not be saved by modern technology. The Veterinarian though that, after a careful decontamination, it should be brought home to die as peacefully as possible then buried in a bio-hazard approved landfill. Sorry, puss, you deserved better.  (please note: the above mentioned landfill is now registered as an official SUPERFUND site and remedial efforts could run into the millions at taxpayer expense. Thanks Rush, you swine! 

Above: The bright side (and therefore unused) side of the planet Crap. Fifty trillion light years from Earth.  Note: The white mist around the planet appears to be frozen methane, it seems the atmosphere of Crap in 97% methane derived from farts. 
The pod the smelly one arrived in from his planet 
A fly in your coffee. This is what you get when El Rushbo (Limbaugh) moves into the neighborhood. Flies!! Damn that creep to Hell!!

Special chrome human skull made for Limbaughzbub's alien brain to rattle around in

Testimonial from Moonabeamy Sweetness from the planet Nice"
When Turd eating dung beetle, Limbaughzbub (AKA Rush Limbaugh) came to my planet, it was a wonderful place full of joy and happiness.  Within a few of our years, slightly longer than yours, the place smelled so bad that we all had to pack up our spaceships and move to the planet, Just OK. We are much happier now and are making improvements. Don't Let Limbaughzbub and Dittoheads ruin your wonderful planet, Earth!  Save yourselves.  Incidentally, our detectives discovered that David and Charles Koch, and Rupert Murdoch are comrades of the smelly one, please investigate.

Stopping here for now, please "stay tuned" as more data rolls in.
Chief Investigator, Farrell Hamann
Videos on YouTube Channel: farrellhamann

Technology unknown on the planet Crap
The mighty turdrifle
Greg Palast, Journalism, Investigative Reporter, Films 
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Gold plated potato chip.  Limbaughzbub's housekeeper shook a bunch of these out of his pants 
Dumbest Limbaugh fan on twitter: @Serr8d Smyrna, TN.  (keeps talking about sex with animals, who knows why?)
Guy can't stand #StopRush.  Maybe Rush would bend over and grab his ankles for @Serr8d

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Cool it, People, Cheetos will mess up your life! GMO's, bad oils, salt. Frito-Lay does not care about you, your children or your medical bills. Nope! Same with Monsanto. Junk Food!

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